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Manuel Gomez Hassan, painter and illustrator. Born in Santiago on October 16, 1924. Hassan studied at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Chile, where he was a pupil of Gregorio de la Fuente in the art of mural department and Gustavo Carrasco Drawing. Among his teachers was also Humberto Martínez González.

For several years he worked closely with murals inspired by the Mexican movement which assumed that art should be linked to the human drama focusing therefore, in representing the human figure.

Later, Hassan turned to making easel works in oils on canvas. He used a color palette of browns and grays, where the power of light emerges contrasts warm.

In his landscapes of fishing creeks, still lifes, compositions and naked human figure, dominates the geometric organization with characteristic features great balance achieved by vigorous expressionistic brushstrokes.

Gomez Hassan