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Final Exhibition

Group Show: New work by

Pegan Brooke
Phoebe Brunner
Bryn Craig
Santiago Garcia
Jeff Faust
Marisa Murrow
Sanjay Vora

November 22 - December 28, 2014

Closing Event:
Saturday, December 6, from 4-6PM

Gallery Hours:
Thur-Sun 11-4

Gallery Bergelli, after a successful and fulfilling 15 years of operating in Larkspur, California, has announced that it will be closing at the end of 2014. Its sister company, H3R Group, rear of the Gallery, is in need of significantly larger quarters and will be vacating in mid-December. It is not financially feasible for Gallery Bergelli to continue operations in a much larger space with rising rents.

The final exhibition opened November 22 and will run through December 28. This group exhibition features paintings by Pegan Brooke, Phoebe Brunner, Bryn Craig, Santiago Garcia, Jeff Faust, Marisa Murrow and Sanjay Vora.

A closing reception will be held on Saturday, December 6, from 4-6PM. We hope that you are able to attend this final event.

It seems that it was just a short time ago, February 8, 2000, that we opened our first exhibition with great excitement. We have had a wonderful, fufilling 15 years at 483 Magnolia, forming many great and lasting relationships with collectors, artists, and friends. We pride ourselves in the number of times collectors have returned to buy yet another piece of art. And, while we've added many new artists through the years, we've enjoyed artist relationships, based on trust, that have spanned many years. In fact, our very first artist, Allen Wynn, continues to show his work at Gallery Bergelli.

We will be returning unsold work to the artists at yearend. Rather than incur shipping costs, we hope to be able to offer discounts that would offset shipping costs. In our inventory, we have many small, affordable pieces that would make great holiday gifts. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity - to say goodbye - and to possibly make a final purchase with our December 6 closing event.

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