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Group Show

April 4 - May 15,014

Gallery Reception:
Breakfast viewing with Jeff Faust
May 10, 2013 from 10am - 12pm

Gallery Hours:
Thur-Sun 11-4

Works by

Jose Basso
Bryn Craig
Carlos Catasse
Marco Farias
Santiago Garcia
Jeff Faust
Christiane Lazard
Greg Ragland
Stella Zee

Gallery Hours:
Thur-Sun 11-4

Upcoming Exhibition

Sanjay Vora

May 24 - June 26, 2014

Gallery Reception: May 24, from 4 - 6pm

Artist Talk at 5pm

San Francisco Chronicle

Larkspur, CA, April 2014 - Gallery Bergelli is pleased to present "Memories of Dreams" - an exhibition of new paintings by Bay Area artist Sanjay Vora. This will be Vora's fourth solo exhibition at Gallery Bergelli. Opening on May 24 the exhibition will continue through June 26, 2014. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, May 31 from 4 - 6 pm.

In his multi-layered paintings, Sanjay Vora explores the realm of love, memory and nostalgia. Vora first paints a representation scene, often based on photographs from his childhood. The scene will ultimately lie underneath layers of veiling. Through the practice of covering and retrieving representational, figurative scenes with layers of repetitive abstraction, he encounters his own sense of history and truth. Through the physicality of covering and retrieving the scenes, a type of psychic architecture and archeology is formed. The painted veiling separates the "then" and "now." The result, in the end, is his personal celebration of the beautiful.

In the latest work, memory has slowly and inconspicuously transformed into dreams that lie in a new false reality of the past. Colors, light and imagery are not entirely untrue, yet they seduce and tantalize as if these scenes were the epitome of the human experience in one's mind. Dreams have re-emerged as memories, and with it, all desired truths become truths. The resulting pieces are neither in the present or the past, but rather a virtual state, impossible to fully attain, real to no one, yet familiar, in some sense, to all.

Vora was inspired at an early age to be creative. Born in New Jersey into a musical Indian family, he began playing instruments around the house; learning by ear and watching his parents perform at concerts. Vora's urge to compose music early in life paralleled his desire to create visual environments. Producing drawings and paintings was a way to manifest and inhabit his visions to which music had played as an ongoing soundtrack. Both his music and art have been strongly influenced by the bicultural upbringing, the surrounding rural landscapes of Vora's childhood and his nostalgic nature. In addition to an undergraduate degree in Architecture, Vora obtained a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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